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The Colley Center

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The Colley Center 
Benefits to Sacramento, its Residents & the Region

The creation of the Nathaniel S. Colley Sr., Center will provide Sacramento with an institutional resource that formally recognizes Sacramento’s civil rights and community activist history through the collections, archival resources, and informational documentation housed within its walls.  The Institute’s primary purpose is to: 

* Educate the public on past and current civil rights and community issues, and the people who were and are involved with these issues as leaders and activists.

* Collaborate with, and provide educational resources and expertise to, local and regional educational institutions, non-profit organizations, community groups, and legal and religious organizations currently involved in civil rights and community-based legal issues.

Nathaniel Colley The Colley Center

The Colley Center Vision 

The Colley Center is envisioned to be:

Sacramento region’s first interactive civil rights center that will educate and inform the public of Sacramento’s civil rights and ethnic history through partnerships with educational, legal, community, and non-profit organizations.

A repository of historic collections, media, archival resources, and other documentation that commemorates and details the history of past and current civil rights and community activism in the Sacramento region.

A gathering place that will foster and enhance communication between persons of different generations, ethnic groups, cultures, religions, and socio-economic backgrounds regarding their places in Sacramento’s past and current social, political, and economic environment.

An institution that links local history to current racial and socio-economic issues and policies that have produced or promoted educational disparity, income  inequality, comminity disinvestment, and the need for criminal justice and law enforcement reform.

An institution that promotes the diversity of Sacramento’s local and regional ethnic, social, cultural, religious, political and community organizations and institutions.

The Colley Center is an integral part of a proposal to save new Helvetia from demolition.
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