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Making informed decisions is based off of truthful, researched content.  As our fight to Save New Helvetia moves forward, supplying you with quality resources is our priority.

Types of resources:

A big thank you go to the Historians, Architects, Researchers and the City of Sacramento Planning Commission for coming together to Save New Helvetia.


Clip of old film of New Helvetia Housing Project
Construction 1940s ~ color footage 1950s

Clip of Clarence Caesar with an overview of the 1952 New Helvetia case

* Clip of Clarence Caesar talking about Colley’s impact on the fight for fair housing

* Clip of Dan Visnich ~ talking about “Mr. Civil Rights of California”

* Clip of Ola Marie Brown, Colley’s daughter talking about the birth of her dad’s fight for housing
 * Clip of Colley from 1960’s speech @ Sac State talking about River Oaks  /New Helvetia segregation
* Clip of Colley telling Joe Biden’s Senate Committee a story of presumtions of minorities

Internet Links

Link to the online exhibit of the Colley papers at the Center for Sacramento History


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