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Nathaniel S. Colley Legacy

Colley Civil Rights Coalition

Nathaniel Colley ~ member of JFK’s Commission to end discrimination in the Armed Forces.

Nathaniel S. Colley wrote the report with the findings of this commission.

* Link to JFK announcing his Executive Order ~ banning discrimination based on race, in public housing and private housing developments that are receiving benefits ~ November 20th, 1962.

This small town country lawyer (as he referred to himself) was called upon by his colleague, Judge Anthony Kennedy, whom President Ronald Reagan nominated to the Supreme Court in 1987.

Nathaniel was asked to testify on his behalf in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Joseph Biden.  The video is a short documentary on the life of Nathaniel S. Colley, Sr.

Nathaniel Colley was noted for his sense of humor

Here is a young Senator, Joseph Biden, the man running for the President of the United States!  They crossed paths a few times ~ Nathaniel Colley Sr., was a sought after, fair, resilient and distinguished man.