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Racism In The Fine Print . . .

A Giant In The Fight For Equality

Racism In The Fine Print . . .

Racism In Fine Print NBC News


How Old Housing Policies Impact Non-White Communities - NBC News Reports

How Old Policies Still Impact Cities

Racism in the fine print! This is an eye-opener. Do you realize "About a century ago, the legal language was often written into the deeds of houses prohibiting selling them to people who weren't white." They were called Race Covenants and they built them into the neighborhoods.

NBC News sat down with Jesus Hernandez, Researcher, who has mapped the inequalities block by block in Sacramento. He measured "where are the dropouts from high school, people who get the flu, where the people who use more water than others." All of this connects back to one factor, over and over again. That one factor is: "RACE."

Why? Legal language was often written into the deeds of houses prohibiting selling them to people who weren't white.

Example of legal language written into the deeds of houses

How they built racism in the housing market ~ "Racial Covenants."  This video showcases the difference between Land Park, one of Sacramento's oldest and wealthiest neighborhoods against South City Farms, (3 miles away).  

Comparisons between Land Park vs South City Farms (3 miles apart)
Educational Differences
Home Ownership Comparisons
Income Comparisons between the two neighborhoods

Racial divide is deeper than what we see on the surface. Looking at the Race Covenants across Sacramento (and any other city in the United States), the pattern is shocking. Check out the policy called "Redlining" where the Federal Housing Administration was created to make home loans affordable after the deep depression but refused to back them in African American neighborhoods. The GI Bill helped White Americans get low interested mortgages, but it also shut out African American Vets!

The list is appalling, and this is exactly why we are in the situation we are today. Calling attention to the inequality is gaining momentum, when we understand how deep the divide really is, that is when we can move forward and correct each issue and create equality for all.

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